Contextual Insights Model



Social Acumen’s contextual insights model has been designed so that anyone who is running any Facebook or Instagram advertising can use it to analyse their own performance. We’ve made uploading and importing your data into the model as quick and simple as possible. You’ll be generating insights from your Social Media data in no time.

Please note the following before download to ensure you can run the model before purchase:

  • It currently lives in Excel only but we are hoping to translate this into a fully functioning online tool for an improved user experience. We’ve designed it to be intuitive, easy to use & insightful.
  • Currently the full analytics model is only supported in Windows. (we have a more limited Mac version available to download. Please contact to request this)
  • Please note that you won’t be able to upload any data until your licence key has been activated
  • Download User Documentation here or below for more details


Download User Documentation

Click here to download the our models user documentation (PDF format). Please ensure to download if you purchase our analytics model.

Documentation covers:

  • Using our Contextual Insights model
  • Excel setup procedure
  • Requesting and activating your Licence Key
  • Exporting Data from your Facebook
  • Importing your data into the model
  • Using our Contextual Insights model.
  • ROI & Objective Gathering