Our Insights

Our Insights can help you to improve your Facebook advertising in 4 key areas

We provide Insights across all 5 of your Social Acumen scores. We do this for both Paid & Organic posts, so that you can understand very clearly what you are getting from the posts you pay for and those you don’t.


How did your audience choose to engage with your content?

Was it in the right content format?

Did they like it or hate it?


Did your content reach the right audience?

What did they do with it when they saw it?

Was there a better audience for it?


Did your ad do what you needed it to do?

Was it the best ad format for the job?

Would it have benefited from organic distribution?

Paid Media

Should you have put Paid media behind the post?

Should you have increased or decreased it?

Should you spend that much again?