Discover how Social Acumen helps you to improve your Facebook advertising


What is Social Acumen?
Social Acumen is an online analytics tool that analyses all Facebook content with a score of 100. This score is based on 5 bespoke metrics that cover the key areas of performance of any and all Facebook posts. Once your post has been analysed, Social Acumen then generates actionable insights that can help you to improve your Facebook activity across our 5 bespoke metrics.

How does it work?
Social Acumen uses custom algorithms to analyse the key data points that relate to each of the 5 scores. It uses performance scales to determine the scores out of 100, which are based on hundreds of posts’ worth of data that have been analysed to determine what good and bad performance is. Social Acumen analyses every piece of Facebook activity using these algorithms to give you a clear, consistent idea of how your activity is performing and where it needs improving.

Are the algorithms always the same?
We are always looking to optimise our algorithms to ensure that we are providing you with the clearest and best sense of whether your content is a success or not. To do this, we may occasionally optimise our algorithms and/or performance scales. Your scores will update automatically and we will always let you know what changes we are making.

How do I use Social Acumen?
To start analysing your Facebook activity, you simply need to connect a Facebook account that has access to a Facebook Page. Once connected, you will then need to input the URL of the post you want to analyse. If it’s a Paid post, you will then need to input the amount of Paid media used on the post to produce your score. If it’s an Organic post, you don’t need to do this.

I can’t input the information for every post - is that a problem?
The only information you need to input is the amount of Paid Media support behind each piece of Content in order for your analysis to take place. The targeting & demographic information is not needed but is highly recommended as this will begin to give you an idea of how your Content has performed against different audiences.

What do the Insights tell me? Will my Content always improve if I use them?
Social Acumen’s Insights are designed to help you improve your use of Content, Post Formats, Audience Targeting & Paid Media. They are derived from the statistical performance of your Content & if your Content is scored in a certain way, Social Acumen knows that it is due to a certain number of factors either performing well or badly. There will always be certain factors that Social Acumen cannot account for however, which means that we cannot always guarantee that your Facebook activity will improve if you rely solely on our Insights.

Is Social Acumen free to use?
Social Acumen is being offered on a BETA trial until the end of 2017. We may choose to extend this &, if we do, we will let you all know in writing about this. Similarly, if we begin to charge a monthly subscription fee for Social Acumen, we will of course let you know. If you’d like to know more about our Terms & Conditions, then please click here T&C

It’s saying that I’ve reached my limit of Posts analysed – how many posts can I analyse?
Social Acumen initially limits the amount of Facebook Posts you can analyse to 20. If you would like to analyse more Posts than this, then you can opt to begin your Paid subscription before the end of the free BETA trial.

I manage more than one Facebook page – can I analyse more than one using Social Acumen?
Yes – during the BETA trial you’ll be able to analyse as many Facebook accounts as you have access to. When we introduce our subscription model, you will still be able to do so. But each will be subject to their own monthly subscription cost.


How are my Social Acumen scores calculated?

All individual Social Acumen scores are based on the 5 bespoke metrics. These are calculated on a number of different pieces of post performance data gathered from Facebook. If you click on any of the bespoke metric pages within your Content, you will see a small (i) button that will help you understand how each of the metrics are calculated.

I don’t understand my Social Acumen scores

If you need any additional support or information on any of your scores then please get in touch via email at [email protected] or via Twitter @Social_Acumen.

I don’t agree with my Social Acumen scores

We are always happy to chat with you to discuss why your scores are as they are. If you want to talk about anything relating to your scores then please get in touch at [email protected] or via Twitter @Social_Acumen

Some of the data is different from what I am seeing on Facebook – is Social Acumen wrong?

We take all of our data from Facebook and from the data collected around your Facebook page. We may use different data sets than Facebook for certain elements of our analysis. If you want to talk about anything relating to the data we use then please get in touch at [email protected] or via Twitter @Social_Acumen

What are the Benchmarks next to my scores?

The Benchmarks that you see next to your score are based on the Social Acumen performance scales that calculate your scores. They are always 66 as this is what we feel every post you are running should be scoring.

Can I Benchmark against myself?

Yes – if you upgrade to Social Acumen PRO you will be able to see your own benchmarks. Learn more about Social Acumen PRO here.

Can I analyse multiple posts at once?

Yes – if you upgrade to Social Acumen PRO you will be able to analyse multiple posts at once. Learn more about Social Acumen PRO here.

Can I download my scores?

: Yes – if you upgrade to Social Acumen PRO you will be able create Campaign reports that will allow you download your scores into a PDF. Learn more about Social Acumen PRO here.

How will my data be stored & used?

The data collected by Social Acumen is taken from Facebook and we store both the raw data and the analysed data on our system servers. We intend to use the data that we analyse in our marketing and advertising, as well in the creation of category benchmarks and reports. This will always anonymise the data and clients that it is coming from. We will never share any individual customer data without their expressed and written consent.  If you would like to discuss our data policy in further detail please get in touch here [email protected]


What sort of Facebook Content can I analyse?

All of it – Social Acumen allows you to analyse all Facebook content formats – ranging from all types of Facebook Adverts, Unpublished Posts, Boosted Posts and Organic Posts.

How do you define the different post types?

We use Facebook’s own definitions for the posts that you can run. You can find these all here & here.

I can’t analyse my posts

If you are unable to generate a Social Acumen score, you will either need to input Paid Media information on the Post itself. It could also be that there was no Paid Media allocated to the Post at all. If you are still unable to see a specific score then please get in touch via [email protected] or via Twitter @Social_Acumen

Do you just do Facebook?

We are in the process of adding other Social Media channels to Social Acumen & this is being developed for later this year. But for the moment we’re only focusing on Facebook.


What’s the difference between Social Acumen & Social Acumen PRO?

Both Social Acumen & Social Acumen PRO allow you to analyse Facebook posts in the same way, generating the same scores & Insights. Social Acumen PRO allows you to analyse multiple posts at the same time, build & export campaign reports, provides you with personal benchmarks and allows for multiple users to analyse the same Facebook page.

Is there a difference in cost?

Yes – Social Acumen PRO has a higher monthly subscription fee than Social Acumen will have.

How do I upgrade to Social Acumen PRO?

If you would like to upgrade your account to Social Acumen PRO then please contact us on [email protected] or via Twitter @Social_Acumen