Visit Britain Case Study

The Brief

We were brought in by digital agency, Gravity Thinking, to help Visit Britain analyse and understand the effectiveness of their Influencer marketing activity.

Visit Britain manage a huge network of other 50 Influencers in 12 markets around the world who promote and encourage tourism to Britain in each of their markets.

Because of this there is a huge amount of activity to try and manage, analyse and turn into insight that can help them plan and engage Influencer campaigns in the future.

Measuring this required analysis of both social and blog activity, increasing the volume and sources of data that needed to be analysed.

What we did

To analyse such a large number of Influencer campaigns, we built a custom Influencer analytics model.

This was fuelled by a mix of social data (exported from their Influencer tool) and from data sourced from the Influencer’s themselves.

We added a broad range of additional pieces of contextual information to this data, such as Influencer passion points, types of content they created and locations they visited.

The data was then categorised into two different streams of activity that analysed the Passive Inspiration (or general brand awareness) and Active Ideation (engagement in content around Britain) that the Influencers were able to generate.

All of this combined allowed us to report back which Influencers and which markets had been successful in driving brand awareness and consideration of Britain as a tourism destination


We analysed over 700 social posts, 75 blog articles from over 50 Influencers from 12 markets around the world.

Which countries produced the most successful Influencer campaigns.

The difference in reach and engagement between Influencers who received a fee vs. those who didn’t.

Whether content featuring England performed better than content featuring the rest of the UK.

That Influencers with less than 100k followers actually performed better than Influencers of over this number.