FaceGym Case Study

The Brief

By the 3rd quarter of 2018, FaceGym had established themselves as one of London’s hottest beauty startups. 

They had a strong organic social presence, 2 sites in London, 1 in New York, and, above all else, a strong desire to grow their business. 

Social Acumen were brought in to help them achieve this through Paid Facebook and Instagram advertising. 

They had done a few pieces of paid social advertising in the past. But limited time and resource had led to limited results so they were looking for a partner agency to work with that could demonstrate scalable performance and revenue. 

What we did

We kicked off our relationship with FaceGym with a full social media audit of their past social activity. This gave us initial data insights that could inform our ads strategy and ensure we hit the ground running with their Facebook and Instagram ads. 

We devised a 4-month long launch campaign, structured by weekly testing cycles that allowed us to test various assumptions about FaceGym’s audience, content and messaging.

With each week, we fed these insights into new campaigns, which allowed us to optimise performance of both traffic and revenue as the campaign developed. 


Through our data-driven approach to Social Media advertising, we were able to see a ROAS of up to 5x.

The Winning Formula 

We were able to figure out a cost efficient customer journey that created brand and product awareness and ended in cost-efficient conversions.

What type of audience targeting produced the most clicks and sales.

We tested a number of ad formats, creative and messaging to determine what ads drove the best response.

We discovered where FaceGym’s target audience operated most actively and optimised ads to reach them through these social channels.