Beara Beara Case Study

The Brief

Beara Beara had developed a fantastic brand that mixed both traditional retail with e-commerce.

Keen to take their business and brand to the next level, they asked us to provide detailed and clear training that could teach them how to implement Dynamic Product Ads and retargeting through Facebook.

This would allow them to close out the conversion process for their new customers and cross and up-sell products to existing ones.

What we did

We provided two days of training and consultancy to Jake, the founder, and his team.

These sessions took them on a step by step process of how to set up, manage and implement retargeting ads and Dynamic Product Ads.

We then supported the team with the campaigns they were running to ensure they were implemented correctly and contained the right messaging to drive sales.


Our retargeting and Dynamic Product Ad training generated a 5x ROAS for the campaigns that Beara Beara ran.

The Winning Formula 

Which social platforms drove the best ROAS

Which product ranges and sets drove the highest volume of sales.

The difference in sales performance between male product ranges and female product ranges.

Which content types and formats from their Product Catalogue drove the best response.