Social Media Advertising Strategy


All of our Facebook & Social Media Strategy work is powered by our Contextual Insights.

We use these insights to ensure your Social Media objectives are aligned with your business & commercial goals.


Social Media Advertising Strategy


Before launching any Facebook campaign or devising a Social Media advertising strategy, we ensure that your business & commercial goals are linked to your Social Media objectives.

We use Contextual Analytics to make sure that you’re reaching the right target audiences, with the right messages. The insights we generate can tell you:

  • who your customers are
  • how they think, feel and act towards your brand
  • what messages, ads & content they do & don’t respond to
  • the most cost effective way of communicating & engaging them

We feed these insights into your Facebook campaigns, optimising and improving them as they progress. And we use them to ensure you’re using Social Media advertising to achieve what your business or brand requires.


How Contextual Insights form our Social Media strategy

How our Contextual Insights can help form the basis of your Social Media advertising strategy