Contextual Facebook Insights


We use Contextual Facebook Insights to prove the value & ROI of your Social Media advertising.

These insights have the power to transform your business.


Social Acumen generates Contextual Facebook insights from Social Media advertising data.

Contextual Facebook Insights


Who is my Facebook advertising working for? What content, ad format and copy works best for each of my target audiences? What is Facebook doing for my business? What’s my ROI?

The insights we generate can tell you everything there is to know about how effective your Social Media advertising was & how your target audience thought, felt or acted towards your brand or product.

By combining different contextual overlays onto your data, we can unearth game-changing Facebook insights about your Social Media advertising & about your business in general.

These insights dramatically increase the value of your Facebook & Instagram advertising, as you are able to learn almost anything you would want to about your customers, while delivering your overall advertising objectives.

Because all of our Contextual Insights are underpinned by what your spending, we can clearly show you what impact Social Media is having on your business & what the ROI of your advertising was.


How we prove your Social Media ROI & (re)define the value of Social Media