Make Smarter Decisions About Your Social Media

Brands make smarter decisions about their Social Media through clearer Insights


Analysing the success of your Facebook activity is a huge challenge.There’s a lot of data to analyse & it’s difficult to know where to start.Facebook Insights don’t actually give you any Insights. They only give you data for you to make sense of.Turning this data into insight you can use to improve your Facebook activity is therefore an expensive & time intensive process.This is why we’ve developed Social Acumen.


Social Acumen generates clear, actionable insights that help you to improve your Facebook activity.We do this through our bespoke scoring system, which gives all of your Facebook activity a score out of 100.This is based on 5 bespoke metrics that show you exactly how your activity has performed & where it might need improvement.Once scored, Social Acumen generates actionable Insights that can tell you how you can improve your activity in all 5 areas.

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We want as many people testing out Social Acumen as possible. This is why we’re offering a free BETA test period until the end of 2017.

By signing up to Social Acumen today you can start improving your Facebook activity through clearer, better insights – all for free until the end of the year.