Make smarter decisions about how you spend your Facebook budget through clear, data-driven insights

Turn data

Over half of all Social Media advertisers can’t prove the value, effectiveness & ROI of their Facebook advertising.

To get this understanding you need to turn your Facebook data into clear, actionable insights. Without these insights, understanding how you should spend your Facebook budget can be guesswork.

And we won’t lie to you – it can be very complicated. Turning your data into insights is a time consuming, resource-heavy task that can be very expensive to get wrong.

So much so, that it’s taken a PhD in computational mathematics & 6 years working with the UKs biggest Social Media advertisers to do something about it. But more on us later.

We’re here to make sure that you spend less time wondering what successful Facebook advertising looks like & more time making it.

Into insights

This is why we’ve developed Social Acumen.

Social Acumen tells you the things you need to know to improve your Facebook advertising by turning your data into something you can use to improve – an insight.

It analyses everything in relation to the amount of money you’re spending on Facebook to give you a clear sense of what you’re getting from that spend.

Through its bespoke scoring system, Social Acumen gives your Facebook content a score out of 100.

The score is based on 5 bespoke metrics that show you exactly how your activity has performed & where it might need improvement.

Once scored, Social Acumen generates insights in each of these 5 areas. They are designed to tell you how your post performed & what you need to do to improve.

And all at the click of a button.

Join our BETA for Social Acumen

Hi, we’re new here. And being the social types, we wanted to introduce ourselves.


We’re offering Social Acumen on a BETA test until January 2018. Which means that you can analyse up to 5 of your Facebook posts for free until early next year.


If you want to get more out of Social Acumen by paying for your subscription, that’s great too. All you need to do is click the “Upgrade to PLUS” button once you start using Social Acumen. We’ll even give you 30 days free trial for your troubles.


Both Social Acumen & PLUS are still in BETA mode so there may be a few things that may not work or look perfect just yet. So any feedback you can give us on how we’re doing will help us to create a tool that you genuinely want to use.


Are you in? Just click the button below to get started.