We are Social Acumen.

We are a Social Media and Digital Marketing agency that generates scalable business growth through Paid digital and social advertising.

You’re you. Nice to meet you. If you’re here, you’re serious about growing your business too. By working together, we can help grow your brand to where you want it go.

Social Media advertising has changed dramatically over the last 12-18 months. If you’re not using Facebook and Instagram ads to market and sell your brand or products, you’re missing out on one of the best and most scalable ways of growing your business.

That’s why we specialise in two things:

  1. Managing and implementing ad campaigns that can generate a ROAS of between 5-10x
  2. Teaching companies how to harness Facebook and Instagram advertising for themselves

If either of these things could benefit your business then we’d love to talk more about how this can be done.


Discover how we helped FaceGym to grow their business in London, Manchester and New York with a 5x return on advertising spend.

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We provided training and expert guidance to BMB that allowed them to get more value out of their Facebook and Instagram data which could improve their Social Media advertising.

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Our data driven approach to Social Media advertising produces better ads and scalable results.

Every Facebook and Instagram ad produces a huge amount of amazingly insightful data.

Your Social Media data can reveal incredible insights about who your customers are, what they think about your brand or products and how likely they are to buy from you.

When you use your Social Media data properly, you can achieve truly scalable results for your business.

But not every startup has access the knowledge, expertise and people-power to harness these amazing data insights. That’s where we come in.

We’ve been utilising Social Media data to improve Social Media advertising for over 8 years.

We can harness the data your ads give you to improve your ads, scale your brand and sell more of your product.


We plan, create, manage and implement Paid Social Media campaigns that can return genuine and scalable results for your bottom line.

Our data-driven approach to Facebook and Instagram ads can ensure you have a winning formula for success so that your advertising is as efficient and effective as possible.

Through this process we generate detailed customer insights about your target audience(s) that can reveal how your audience think, feel and act towards your brand.

The result? Better Social Media advertising, improved knowledge about your customers and scalable business results.

If like us, you’ve already started harnessing Social Media ads to grow your business, then you’re probably running an ad or two.

That’s great! It’s a f*cking minefield at times, isn’t it?!

There’s a lot to know and learn about running effective Facebook and Instagram ads and this can be an expensive thing to get wrong.

That’s why we offer training and consultancy advice on how you can improve your use of Paid Facebook and Instagram ads, different strategies you can use and best practice to ensure you’re getting the best possible results.

Social Acumen delivered a session for us on Facebook advertising and how to make the most of our data.

It was super insightful, easy to understand and pitched at exactly the right level. We were very impressed by their knowledge, their analysis of the metrics, and how they turned them into valuable business insights

Anna Clare

Head of Digital, innocent drinks

Social Acumen’s ability to integrate into the team and dramatically improve our reporting capability has been nothing short of brilliant.

We are better armed, informed and prepared to extract more value from our paid data to enhance our overall social offering.

Jonathan Reeves

Head of Social, BMB