We generate Contextual Facebook Insights from your

Social Media data. 


These insights can prove the value & ROI of your Social Media advertising and have the power to transform your brand or business.ts can prove the value & ROI of your Social Media and have the power to tsform your brand or business

Contextual Facebook Insights that can transform your business

Every Facebook campaign or ad provides a wealth of data that could transform your business. From this data you can discover:

  • who your customers are
  • how they think, feel and act towards your brand
  • what messages, ads & content they respond to
  • the ROI of your Social Media advertising

The challenge is how you can translate this Facebook data into meaningful insights that can prove the value of your Social Media advertising.

That’s where we come in.





We use Contextual Analytics to prove the value & ROI of your Social Media.

These insights can unearth almost anything you want to know about your target customers & can transform how you interact with them as a business.




We use our Contextual Insights to form all parts of our Social Media advertising strategy.

We align our Social Media strategy to our data-driven insights to ensure you’re using Facebook to meet your business & commercial objectives.




Using our insights, we are then able to create & manage your Facebook & Instagram advertising.

We continuously measure your ads, optimising what works best & doing less of what doesn’t.




We have created our own bespoke Social Media advertising model that generates our contextual analytics.

These are fed into our clear, digestible reporting structures giving you the info you need about your Social Media data.

Context is king

The more context you can apply to your data, the more insights you can get.

The more insights you get, the more valuable your Social Media advertising becomes.

The Facebook insights we generate are always based in the amount your spending on Social Media. This allows us to define your ROI.

But we take things further, using Contextual Insights to unearth critical information about your customers & target audience. Insights that can tell you everything you need to know about how your customers interact with your brand or product.

These are insights that can be fed into all aspects of your brand, potentially transforming the way you do business.

Generate Facebook Insights within minutes, not days

Translating your Facebook data into clear business insights is a time intensive & expensive task.

However, with our bespoke analytics model & reporting structures, generating valuable insights from your Social Media data now takes minutes not days.

Because we can generate meaningful Facebook insights in a time & cost efficient manner, we can spend less time wondering what successful Facebook advertising looks like & more time making it happen.


Social Acumen have continually impressed us with their proactivity alongside the quality of work.

It’s very easy to work with Social Acumen and it feels like they are part of the team.

Nicholas Gill

Strategy Director, Team 11

Social Acumen were very knowledgeable and experienced across both paid and organic best practice.

Their advice was an excellent blend of the strategic and the tactical.

Sarah Tate

Global Development Lead, Google

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